Driving growth with the right offshore talent

Feb 22, 2018SHORE Blog

Growth requires talented people to help get a business off the ground. Unfortunately, start-ups and SMEs are in a tough spot with the lack of suitable labour making it an uphill battle to scale their business. Offshoring is a smart alternative to achieve growth while accessing a global talent pool at price points that won’t break the budget.

Leading the way in helping emerging businesses go offshore, SHORE had two back-to-back activities with start-ups and SMEs at two events with Tank Stream Labs (TSL) and Matchboard. Well-attended by rising business stars, the intimate presentations underscored how companies now put a premium on what a high-performing offshore team can do.

Nurture talent to spur growth

During a Lunch & Learn session with the TSL community on 14 February, SHORE’s Sales and Marketing VP, Bas Mawhin, delved into how SHORE sources and nurtures talent to help emerging businesses achieve growth:

  • Talent sourcing
    Skilled professionals are sourced in a variety of ways: employee referrals, field recruitment and online advertisements.
  • Training and development
    Once signed, the newly-hired staff go through a series of skills development training to amplify their skillsets and in turn, help clients achieve their business goals.
  • Employee engagement and management
    Engaged and productive teams create better results. SHORE helps manage talent via a full set of HR services: employee and labour relations, HR services delivery, talent management and employee engagement.

Members of the TSL community also got a chance to interact with some SHORE team members who specialise in web development, Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing, animation, lead generation and events management via video conference—learning how they’ve helped their clients achieve growth.

Quick growth via agile outsourcing

A Matchboard lunch session on 15 February introduced Mawhin and Airtasker’s COO, CJ Foo, to other entrepreneurs and high growth start-up leaders. They heard how Airtasker they scaled their business with SHORE.

Airtasker’s partnership with SHORE proves that outsourcing with the right provider can give start-ups and SMEs a quick leg-up, enabling them to quickly scale while maintaining operational flexibility. To recap, here are some key points to remember when building offshore teams:

  • Find a collaborative and flexible partner that shares your vision
  • Hire the right team at the right location to fill-up your skills gap
  • Manage and engage with operations, driving your team to the right goals and metrics
  • Keep culture in mind to create and nurture an optimal environment

Excited to grow with your offshore team? Let’s talk about how you can get started: