Closing the talent gap with a skilled offshore team

Mar 28, 2018SHORE Blog

Young businesses shouldn’t allow the scarcity of talent and other resources to slow them down and curtail growth. With a flexible offshore partner helping them recruit, manage and bridge the geographic and cultural divide, an offshore team can work perfectly in sync with their onshore team, driving growth and productivity.

At the Tank Stream Labs (TSL) lunch-and-learn session held on 21 March 2018, Anasight’s founder and CEO Trent Bruce bared how his business insight and analysis company managed overcome one of the biggest challenges for Aussie SMEs and startups—the talent gap. Established in 2016, Anasight is quickly emerging as one of Australia’s leading firms for business analysis and insights.

Scarce resources

According to McKinley Marketing Partners’ “2017 Marketing Trends” report, 44% of companies sought to hire more digital marketing, advertising, content strategy, creation and curation specialists, which saw the demand surging to 56% for digital marketing experts, but the Australian labour market could only provide 24%. Meanwhile, a survey of over 1,000 employers conducted by online job portal, Indeed revealed that 86% of tech recruiters and hiring managers have had difficulty hiring technical talent. As a result, 53% of them ended up settling for the less-than-qualified ones.

Patching up the talent gap

Unable to even find people willing to leave their corporate nests in Australia, Trent, a long-time TSL member, knew he needed an out-of-the-box approach to get much-needed IT and marketing reinforcement. Inspired by key takeaways learned from a previous SHORE-TSL lunch and learn session, Trent relayed the Anasight experience in setting up their Manila-based team, underlining the key ways to patch up the talent gap with offshore talent:

  • Go offshoreWith a Manila-based team now in place and soon to be reinforced with more IT and marketing specialists, Trent highlighted that working with a trusted, established partner like SHORE not only gave them access to global talent, but also helped them manage local operations, bridge any cultural differences and drive growth.
  • Recruit, set-up with a flexible partnerApart from being connected to world-class workforce, Trent stressed that the deep collaboration between Anasight and SHORE was pivotal to the recruitment of great staff and establishment their operations in Manila.
  • Utilise best practices, winning techniquesAlthough it was a steep learning curve at first, Trent stressed the importance of being able to understand and hurdle cultural differences with the help of a committed and experienced offshore management partner like SHORE.

After gaining access to an exceptional talent pool and bridging cultural gaps, Anasight is indeed off to a nimble start with plans to double its headcount by the end of 2018. SHORE’s Sales and Marketing VP, Bas Mawhin was also there to highlight the limitless talent and opportunities available with offshore teams.

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