Overcome 5 growth challenges with a flexible, cost-efficient solution

Sep 18, 2018SHORE Blog

Start-ups and SMEs need to drive growth and market share but are often strapped for resources, with limited access to a wider network of talented people—making the road to growth a lot longer and rockier.

Combined with the need to stay agile and quickly adapt to fast-changing consumer expectations and rapid digital transformation, up-and-coming businesses find it challenging to effectively carry out or provide efficient critical functions spanning operations and support. Here’s a quick rundown of some of these challenges:

1. Lack of readily available talent
Some small businesses fail to source and land top-tier talent because of cost constraints. One of the best ways to overcome this it is to leverage the skills of a high-performing offshore team where rates are friendlier yet maintaining quality, talent and experience.

2. Tedious time tracking
Small businesses typically don’t have an in-house, comprehensive human resources (HR) department to track man hours, compensation and benefits. As a time-consuming and resource-heavy task, outsourcing this function to a provider who can readily connect you to dedicated HR specialists, platforms and tools will help you manage the workforce efficiently.

3. Online marketing struggles
Start-ups and SMEs often struggle with their marketing efforts due to lack of readily available talent that won’t put a dent in their operations budget. But with customers increasingly going online to search, shop and seek assistance from brands—young businesses shouldn’t pass up on every opportunity to promote, engage and support customers online. After all, creating a professional-looking website, informative blogs and highly-engaging social media posts doesn’t always have to be done in-house.

4. Meager customer support
Customers want instant, consistent answers to their queries across all touchpoints and fast resolution to their product or service-related concerns. Leaving them unanswered will make them think twice about staying loyal to your brand. How to keep them? Have a team of customer support agents providing round-the-clock assistance.

5. Cash flow headaches
For SMEs and start-ups, maintaining a healthy cash flow would be impossible without finance and accounting experts. That’s why hiring trustworthy number crunchers, familiar with financial industry rules, standards, best practices and regulations makes perfect sense.

The bottomline: going at it alone doesn’t cut it; innovative and flexible outsourcing does. If you’re hounded by any of these pain points feel free to contact us. We’ll show you how to make a positive impact on your business.