3 essential qualities to look for in a high-performing offshore team

Oct 30, 2017SHORE Blog

What does it take to have a high-performing offshore team to help start-ups and SMEs achieve growth? In his recent talk at Tank Stream Labs last 24 October 2017, SHORE Solutions’ Sales and Marketing VP Bas Mawhin shared some insights.

Great teams require three key traits

To break into and carve out coveted market share in the most cost-efficient way possible, start-ups and SMEs need to have a high-performance, flexible offshore team to thrive in this technology and customer experience-driven era. Citing an EY study on high-performance teams, Mawhin says great offshore teams have a solid blend of these three qualities:

  1. A shared vision
    Client-outsourcer synchronicity enables young businesses to run like well-oiled machines—and it all boils down to getting and staying on the same page in achieving the goal. With crystal-clear expectations set and agreed upon, start-ups and SMEs can clearly map out the scope of the project. From there, they can exercise their flexibility in engagement (e.g. level of control, ability to scale, etc.).
  2. The right mix
    To take the first step with their best foot forward, start-ups and SMEs need to bring the most talented resources into the fold. To do that, Mawhin underscored they must be willing to pursue and make the most out of a wider pool of high-calibre people world-wide because a globalised workforce is a must-have for growth.
  3. Commitment to quality and results
    The absence of genuine and solid commitment to deliver high-quality results on a consistent level will spoil any good start. That’s why getting robust and reliable support from a provider offering shared services teams like Client Services, Compliance, Operations and QA should be a no-brainer. These services allow start-ups and SMEs to operate at peak levels—and track a solid growth path along the way.

How SHORE’s high-performing offshore teams impact businesses

SHORE, a collaborative, hands-on and low-risk partner, helps you hire a good blend of resources and align an Operations and Shared Services team to monitor your offshore team’s performance. As Mawhin has shared, SHORE has worked with many start-ups and SMEs through flexible and innovative outsourcing, not just to improve their customer service delivery, but also to:

  • Increase monthly sales volume at a fraction of the cost to maintain the same in-house, onshore team (without compromising the quality of sales generated)
  • Achieve operational growth and successful centralisation of customer service and back office functions
  • Reach aggressive growth of core operational functions (e.g. customer support and order management)

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