Web design services

Jan 27, 2015SHORE Blog

To survive in a highly competitive and crowded arena, a company must have a well-designed website that searchers will want to peruse and go through. In the past, when print, TV and radio advertisements were the primary means to reach potential customers, critics pointed out that the ad would have to stand out and capture the customers’ attention. In this internet era, a website has only a few seconds to leave an impression on its visitors. After that, the visitor either may become a customer or will never visit the website again.

While the content or substance of a website, as well as the product or service are very important factors in whether a visitor can be converted into a customer, many consumers admit that a poorly designed website can affect their impression of the products’ credibility or appeal.

A visitor’s first impression is largely design-related, therefore companies must seriously consider obtaining web design services to create or improve their websites.

Web design services can consist of several areas, all working together to making the site a better generator of business for the company. These web design services include design analysis; putting up an entirely new website; creating a custom template design; improving or redesigning an existing website; fixing the design elements so that access and load time are improved; and ensuring that the web design can be viewed on any platform (smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. – also adjusting to the screen size of the channel).

Web design services may also extend to maintenance and continuous improvement of the site; social media integration; and design to improve search engine optimization (SEO).

Web design services must enhance a company’s brand and firmly establish a company’s online presence. With an aesthetically pleasing and compelling web design, much of the website’s purpose to generate business has been accomplished.