Top 5 ways to reach and embrace millennial customers

Oct 26, 2016SHORE Blog

They have a penchant for blocking traditional advertisements. If they want information on products and services, they seek their personal and online social networks’ advice instead.

Who are they? The millennials.

As investing education and financial news website Investopedia defines them, millennials are individuals born between 1982 and 2004. There are about 80 million millennials in the United States alone.

Based on the study, “The Everything Guide to Millennials,” these smartphone-wielding, social media-savvy folks have particular ways of knowing if a certain product or service will be of use to them. Otherwise, they won’t adopt it. If they send a provider feedback and the provider doesn’t respond, they take it as a sign to move from that provider to another one.

Should you want to reach and, eventually, embrace these millennials, here are five ways to effectively do it:

1. Use a multi-channel approach
Millennials rely heavily on their gadgets. They use these to communicate via the internet, and by accessing social media sites and mobile applications on their smartphones, tablets, or even PCs. Since mobile devices come with built-in web browsers, they also run searches there without needing a computer. Knowing this, you have to engage them by establishing the necessary connections at all times.

2. Take the first step
As they say, always take the first step with your best foot forward. In this case, your “best foot” is analytics. Analytics help you get a vantage point of the patterns of their needs and wants. Hence, you’ll understand them better to offer deals that will suit their preferences.

3. Shun traditional communications and advertising
Now is the time to squeeze out all your creative juices and turn them into crafty and imaginative conversations or social media engagements. Veer away from the old school style of communications and advertising, and envision timely and catchy approaches to make your campaign successful. Connect with millennials through emotions.

4. Keep things simple
The more instant and accessible the information, the better, because millennials prefer their messages short and simple. They have pretty short attention spans.

5. Always be honest
You know they spend the majority of their time browsing the web, right? So if you want to reach them, be credible by consistently being honest in dealing with them. It’s that simple. They do so much fact-checking online that you can’t conceal anything from them, especially when they’re on the hunt to score the best deals in town.

To capture millennials’ attention, mind and heart, an omni-channel, analytics-guided approach is what you need, combined with a reliable provider that delivers. At SHORE, we provide outsourcing services and omni-channel capabilities that’ll ensure you reach and embrace millennials all the time, every time.