Start-ups and SMEs jump offshore to get ahead

Nov 29, 2017SHORE Blog

Businesses don’t grow on their own—it’s all about having the right people with the right skills to execute strategic plans and get ahead in densely packed or emerging markets. But Australian SMEs are concerned about the availability of suitable labour amid rising labour costs. With tight options for SMEs onshore, SHORE Solutions’ Sales and Marketing VP Bas Mawhin presented the case for start-ups and SMEs to go offshore in his recent talk at Tank Stream Labs on 28 November 2017.

“The proof of the pudding is in the eating”

With over 75% of SHORE clients under the SME and start-up category, Mawhin presented the success stories of businesses who took a chance on offshoring, highlighting their leaps in growth and efficiencies, including:

  • An online marketplace satisfied surging demand for customer support by utilising cost-effective offshore resources with SHORE handling shared service functions. The high quality of recruits resulted in agents quickly scaling to leadership roles (e.g. SMEs, QAs, TL), registering 800% growth in FTE with plans to double headcount by next year. Aggressive growth plans now include offshoring other LOBs and starting 24×7 operations.
  • A technology company achieved cost-effective, centralised services. Their offshore team generates 20-25% of total monthly sales volume and expanded to 24/7 customer support leading to improved AHT, abandonment and average wait times. Improved customer experience was also noted through NPS.
  • A leading Australian online retailer achieved quick growth with matching scalable, low-cost, core operations—now all located in Manila. FTE grew from 3 to 50 with local talent moving up to leadership and specialist positions and they also recorded a 50% cost reduction.

On top of these client success stories, Mawhin also underscored, via real-life examples, why 90% of businesses cited outsourcing as crucial to growth and over 48% outsource to boost work capacity.

Providing offshore service engines to start-ups, SMEs

SHORE provides start-ups and SMEs with flexible outsourcing solutions that provide more than just cost reduction. Offshoring puts clients ahead of the game by:

  • Boosting competitiveness in a crowded market space
  • Improving onshore business performance in any aspect: sales, revenue, customer experience, technical support, etc.
  • Enabling agility to adjust operations size according to growth
  • Provides a breadth of skill base and expertise not generally available


Ready to take the jump offshore? Let’s talk about how we can get you started: