Outsourcing app store optimization

Nov 25, 2014SHORE Blog

Companies in the mobile application (app) industry are very concerned about app store optimization. App store optimization, variously known as ASO or app store search engine optimization is one of the marketing requirements that only gained currency in the last few years. And yet, app store optimization has become indispensable because the bulk of mobile app installation sales around the world is through web searches. Hence, the higher the mobile apps’ ranking in search results, the greater the chances that people are paying to download these apps.

App store optimization is the mobile app search equivalent of SEO to websites. It entails making the mobile app for Apple devices such as iPhone and iPad, Android devices or Windows Phones become more visible or ranking higher during searches in app stores such as iTunes for the iOS of Apple devices or Google Play for Android devices. The mobile app market is so huge that annual sales in iTunes and Google Play are in the billions of dollars. The total number of apps in these two app stores exceeds one million. Because of the sheer number of available apps, app store optimization cannot be hit-and-miss – it has to be handled by experts.

Companies that seek to increase their apps’ downloads on mobile devices would do well to outsource app store optimization to a business process outsourcing (BPO) that has the skills, tools and resources to do it properly. App store optimization is not a one-shot deal of reviewing the app and making a few recommendations, it is a continuous and long-term process that involves constant monitoring, evaluation and adjustments for improvement.

App store optimization to improve an apps’ web search algorithm includes a combination of many factors such as optimization of the following: key words, conversion rates, app names, titles, headlines, developer names, screenshots, icons, descriptions, pricing and reviews. Other app store optimization techniques are localization, creating the most attractive design and graphics for the apps, and improving the apps’ content. It is also important to emphasize that even with best practices app store optimization, the mobile app itself should be good to begin with, meaning that the mobile app development process should also have been expertly handled.

Let an expert BPO successfully manage that bewildering array of app store optimization factors to help your company become more visible in the mobile space. An additional advantage to contracting outsourcing providers is that they will use techniques apps stores condone. Unfortunately, some app store optimization entrepreneurs resort to “black hat” tactics (such as falsifying good ratings) disapproved by the mobile app industry.