The need to outsource web development projects

Nov 13, 2014SHORE Blog

With the commercialization of the world wide web where businesses and consumers look online to buy and sell products, services and information, web development skills have become much sought after commodities. Most businesses’ requirements for web development exceed the skills of having one or two in-house web developers. This is because web development can be very complex. Web development can involve developing an Internet or Intranet website from scratch to have multiple functions and applications. Web development may include design, content development, network security configurations, e-commerce development and other components that can have commercial or social network objectives.

This complexity is why many businesses have the need to outsource web development tasks – many of them to offshore locations with highly skilled web developers who are both technically proficient as well as creative, and who can build web sites by coding, scripting and writing markup. One of the most popular outsourced web development aspects is creating content management systems (CMS). In addition, some web developers may be solely tasked to build websites, while others first build websites, and then other outsourced technical specialists take over to maintain these websites.

The outsourcing provider’s Internet specialists may take on other web functions such as linkbuilding, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM) and social media marketing (SMM) since many companies’ websites are primarily used to drive sales and serve as a lead generation tool.

Companies would benefit from outsourced web developers who can maximize and make sense of the technical side of web development that consists of client side coding (such as the ubiquitous Adobe Flash Player, the user-friendly JavaScript language, and HTML5); server side coding (for example: CGI, Java, and the open source PHP and Ruby); client side + server side (including the Google web toolkit that has tools to create and maintain JavaScript front-end applications); and databases.

The global marketplace has changed with the Internet, and it is not an exaggeration to say that web development is crucial in this transformation in commerce and communication.