Hiring the best people through recruitment process outsourcing

Nov 18, 2014SHORE Blog

A company’s success is dependent on the quality of its people. People assets are businesses’ most valuable assets. Because this is so, companies must ensure that it attracts, selects and hires the best talent for their manpower complements.

Recruitment is an undertaking of the Human Resources (HR) department of organizations. In most cases, HR has to hire too many people for a wide variety of jobs. In addition, HR has many other functions that it has to handle. This is where recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) comes in. RPO is when a company has an external outsourcing provider that execute, manage and control one or all the functions in the recruitment continuum.

The companies’ and providers’ objective for the recruitment process is to search for, screen and hire the best candidates for specific jobs. The provider would have to be able to cast a wide enough net and find ways to attract qualified candidates with education, skills, knowledge, experience and the right attitude appropriate to the roles and requirements of the job. The better recruitment outsourcing providers have a standardized recruitment mechanism and platform for applicant tracking and workforce planning. An RPO provider may offer the full end-to-end recruitment services or one or several components in the process. The company looking for staff may require the use of its own technology, reporting systems, or even of its own staff and premises. A good RPO provider can adjust its recruitment process to these.

The recruitment process’ components include design, management and forecasting of recruitment, sourcing, profiling, interviewing, assessment, reference/background checking, offer management, and even onboarding, which is administration and orientation of new hires. Recruitment can be done through many ways: online recruitment, social media recruitment, employee referrals, networking, university programs, recruitment marketing through advertising and promotions, and many more.

Recruitment process outsourcing is a boon to companies that need people to operate their business. Among RPO’s many benefits are reducing the time-to-hire, expanding the candidate talent pool, reduced costs, and flexibility, especially when the requirement for jobs are cyclical or even ad hoc.