Hire your own team in the Philippines

Dec 2, 2014SHORE Blog

What’s there not to like about outsourcing or offshoring to the Philippines? The long-time global call center capital and second to India in the provision of BPO services, the Philippines has more than comprehensive outsourcing to offer to the world. It is also becoming more and more popular for companies looking to outsource their companies’ services to think about hiring their own teams in the Philippines.

To hire your own team in the Philippines is actually contracting for staff leasing, variously known as outsourced/offshored staffing or employee leasing to the Philippines. Hiring your own team is just the first stage of the recruitment solution. In many cases, the business process outsourcing (BPO) provider does not just hire your team, but also manages it. But even if the outsourcing provider hires and manages your team, the team based in the Philippines is still an extension or a part of your company’s organization and operations. The provider offers your team in the Philippines a good location with the infrastructure and workspaces with appropriate equipment, network (Internet and landlines) facilities and other IT services. The office space can be designated for your team alone and the staff selected for you works exclusively for your company.

Advantages abound for companies that want to hire their own teams in the Philippines. Philippine BPOs offer companies the choice of how much control they want over the offshore teams. Options include continuing to manage the virtual teams through communication channels such as calls or email, or managing the teams through the companies’ own on-site teams. Likewise, the BPO provider offers varying levels of management support.

Another advantage to hiring your own team in the Philippines is that your company maintains ownership even if your team is not on your premises. Your company can specify your requirements, and the provider in the Philippines will customize its offerings and services, allowing your company to make changes, cut on costs and keep a high level of quality assurance.