Comprehensive outsourcing for clients who prefer the traditional BPO model

Oct 21, 2014SHORE Blog

Comprehensive outsourcing also goes by the term comprehensive BPO (or business process outsourcing). This is the traditional outsourcing delivery model wherein the outsourcing service provider manages the full scope of processes, services and activities on behalf of the client company that outsources its services. The full scope of services includes performance management, operations management, and quality assurance (key performance indicators, performance metrics and/or service level agreements), along with a slew of shared support services such as facilities management, human resources (HR) functions (e.g. payroll, recruitment, training), IT support, finance and accounting, account management and many more.

Companies that choose comprehensive outsourcing usually want to fast-track the implementation of the outsourced services that can be anything from call center or contact services, to non-voice services such as the knowledge process outsourcing and information technology business process management services.

The reason that clients’ outsourced operations can be quickly started is that the assets and resources can be mobilized soon after the clients and the outsourcing provider discuss requirements. Clients do not have to make large investments on capital expenditures since they will be using the providers’ assets and infrastructure. Assets include dedicated work areas, office furniture and equipment, hardware, software, internet connectivity, landlines, security systems, utilities, and other infrastructure to ensure trouble-free business operations. The providers offer smooth migration to their offshore teams.

Along with assets are human resources who are dedicated, experienced and well-trained teams tasked to drive results, deliver successful business outcomes, and fuel companies’ growth.

Clients that choose the comprehensive outsourcing model, therefore, allow their offshore partners to have a much larger level of involvement and engagement than for other outsourcing delivery models, such as co-sourcing or facilities outsourcing. Despite ceding more control to the providers, clients will still enjoy lower costs, economies of scale, mitigated risks, and operational flexibility. Clients can focus on their core business processes since the outsourcing providers handle their other key business components. Through all these processes, clients and providers are constantly collaborating. Clients may increase their level of involvement based on new strategic initiatives. Outsourcing providers are very willing and able to constantly adapt to changes in requirements, as well as always ready to respond to clients and address their concerns.

With comprehensive outsourcing, clients have traditional, worry-free offshoring arrangements, set-up and even pricing with integrated human resources, infrastructure, high technology and processes.