Android game development

Jan 13, 2015SHORE Blog

According to a U.S. research, the most widely used operating system (OS) in the world is Android since more Android devices are sold than other touchscreen mobile devices with iOS, Windows, etc. combined.

The consultancy, information and insight firm Kantar reported that Android ranked as the most popular smartphone operating system in the U.S. powering 51.7% of phones sold within the first quarter of 2013.

With over a million published Android applications and billions of these apps downloaded, the market for Android apps is huge and constantly growing. Of these Android apps, Google Play (an apps store) identified last year that an overwhelming 23 of the top 25 grossing apps for Android devices – smartphones and tables – were games! Thus, Android game development makes up the bulk of what is more than 70% of the entire development market.

Those who are into Android game development want to come up with the next F2P hits like Candy Crush, Clash of Clans, Angry Birds, Plants vs. Zombies, Subway Surfers and Temple Run that were all heavily downloaded game apps in 2014. The exciting aspect about Android game development is that Android games are not just played on the usual smartphones and tablets; Android games can now also be played on televisions, wrist watches and even on screens in moving vehicles. Android games can even be played in devices without touchscreen input, such as game consoles and some regular PCs. And because game apps are so popular, it is not just the entertainment industry that is interested in Android game development. Other industries such as education, telecommunications and lifestyle, among others, have also gone into Android game development.

Those who are new to developing Android games can get started by setting up an Android development environment using Google Play Game Services. Google Developers website has a really cool training platform to help you jumpstart the creation of your own Android game.

Moreover, Android game development has many areas: game design, game testing and programming that require proficiency and technical skills in using the right up-to-date high-technology tools, platforms and languages (among them Java and HTML). Also essential to Android game development are programmers with mindsets for innovation, creativity, and problem-solving.