Addressing the huge demand for outsourced Android application development

Oct 28, 2014SHORE Blog

Global mobile application development is fueled by close to two billion smartphone users. Of this huge number, it is estimated that the bulk – around 85 percent – use smartphones with the Android operating system (OS). That is over 1.5 billion Android users’ demand for applications as people use their mobile devices in almost all aspects of their lives: to do work, to study and learn new things, to buy goods and services at the best price, to get to their destinations, to entertain themselves through games, music, online reading material, and many more. Companies supplying application development services have their hands full supplying this demand. In many cases, the best solution to speed up the development process and to fully utilize skilled workforce at a fraction of the cost is to outsource Android application development.

In the competitive marketplace, a sound Android application development outsourcing strategy is important. App design is an integral part of app development. The benefits of outsourcing are manifold, but to maximize these benefits, a company needing Android application development would do well to consider these factors before choosing an outsourcing partner:

  • Seeking low costs is good but should not be the deciding factor. Start-up application developers may not have the experience nor the latest technology to fully test the applications. Sometimes, overcome by cost-cutting zeal, a company may take its requirements for Android application development to an unreliable outsourcing provider that is unable to provide a well-functioning, high quality mobile app.
  • Ensure the outsourcer can keep the timelines demanded. Again, because of brisk competition, customized Android apps must be designed, developed, tested and delivered as soon as possible to be deployed and downloadable by the hordes of users. App developers who lack the expertise will take longer and may make mistakes in fulfilling the business’s objectives and satisfying requirements.
  • Consider the range of services, flexibility and innovation offered by the outsourcer. Experienced Android app developers have the breadth of knowledge to design the application’s best user interface and maximize the operating system’s functionalities. Company’s requirements change quickly because the app must address the volatile demands of the fickle audience of Android OS users.

Although the Android OS is an open system that is easier to customize and control than a proprietary system, it has its nuances that an experienced Android app developer would be able to understand and marshal to design an app to a company’s satisfaction.