UK foreign offices outsource key work from half of world to PH

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UK foreign offices outsource key work from half of world to PH
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British Ambassador to the Philippines Asif Ahmad proudly told the Philippine Daily Inquirer (PDI) that since two years ago, the UK Embassy in the Philippines has housed a shared services BPO center, the first-of-its-kind run by a diplomatic office. The center, with 47 Filipinos and three British nationals, services 40 countries in the Asia Pacific, Middle East, South and Central Asia.

The British government set up the center to reduce costs and improve efficiency of services such as the processing of invoices and staff expense claims. It has achieved savings of the equivalent of almost PHP 200 million in just two years. The UK government is so satisfied that services will be expanded in May this year to include financial processing transactions currently being done in India (another BPO titan) for the British Embassy there, and another 20 head count will be added in September for non-geographically-specific office work from 12 more countries.

The British Embassy says there is no major downside to having the center in Manila, not even the frequent typhoons and flooding that beset the country. The UK BPO center’s success has inspired other foreign offices in Manila to outsource work to Manila.

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