SHORE Solutions COO: company expanding operations astride PH outsourcing industry’s strong growth

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SHORE Solutions COO: company expanding operations astride PH outsourcing industry’s strong growth
SHORE Official
by SHORE Official
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Jonathan Smith, COO and founder of SHORE Solutions, a fast-growing local outsourcing firm, presented at the breakfast event of the Asia CEO Forum yesterday. He gave a briefing on his experience as a veteran in the Philippine outsourcing industry and expounded on the country’s overall positive prospects in business process outsourcing (BPO). Philippine Daily Inquirer and Manila Bulletin published articles on Smith’s views on these good developments for the company, the industry and the country.

One of Smith’s major points was that the Philippines is the best outsourcing destination since it is holding strong after overtaking outsourcing leader India in voice or call center services, and is running second in nonvoice services, typically regarded as the higher value services.

Smith emphasized that the Philippines will maintain its dominance in voice because, among other reasons, dealing with Filipino agents is a more pleasant experience. In nonvoice or BPO services, he said the Philippines is catching up to India as more global companies were turning to local BPO firms, such as SHORE, for technical jobs, including programming and IOS development.

Smith said that the Philippines had many advantages over other BPO service providers such as lower labor and operating costs, a highly skilled workforce, available infrastructure and office space, as well as strong government support to the industry. Smith also said that the industry was aware of issues such as the stronger peso, increasing costs of rent and power, and that efforts were already in place to accommodate and factor in these issues’ effects.

SHORE is planning to expand its operations in the next 12 months in terms of additional seats, number of full-time employees (FTEs) and possibly another location to add to its four existing facilities. SHORE’s expansion is due not only to taking on more BPO clients who are looking for customizable delivery models, but also because SHORE is now an SAP channel partner authorized to resell SAP cloud solutions, including SuccessFactors, the leading cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) software.


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