SHORE HR Director speaks on making HR a strategic force for successful business outcomes

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SHORE HR Director speaks on making HR a strategic force for successful business outcomes
SHORE Official
by SHORE Official
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SHORE Solutions HR Director Ruby Macaraeg was one of the prominent HR practitioners who spoke on the future of HR at the recent Asia HR Summit 2014 at the Dusit Thani Hotel. Macaraeg presented how SAP-SuccessFactors’ powerful and innovative cloud technology has been successfully driving strategy and employee engagement at SHORE, one of the country’s fastest growing outsourcing providers. SHORE is unique in reaping benefits from SAP-SuccessFactors since it is both an early corporate adopter and, since early this year, a SAP channel partner authorized to resell SAP-SuccessFactors, the leading cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions in the Philippines.

Macaraeg stressed that a total solution providing synergy between people and technology was critical to making HR a force to drive strategy for an organization. This would require the right combination of state-of-the-art HCM that enabled SHORE to transform its HR strategies into business outcomes. SAP-SuccessFactors’ single end-to-end comprehensive platform offers best practices content, world-class technology and an unrelenting focus on user experience.

Essential elements to transform an HR unit include a compelling user experience where demanding users can anticipate what they need and can harness content and processes to get their jobs done; mobile access everywhere all the time; intuitive, built-in capabilities that enable social collaboration across the company and outward to clients and other stakeholders. Social media engagement also comes into play. Employees must have access to continuous performance feedback, and managers and executives must be able to gain insights on the company at any time.

SHORE is now ably facing HR challenges by using a solution that integrates SAP-SuccessFacctors’ BizX suite and the collaborative SAP Jam to align and transform its HR strategies. One of the best features of cloud offerings is that customers have the option of moving all or parts of business processes to the cloud and keeping others on premise. This flexibility applies to the entire suite of talent and core HR apps, workforce analytics, goal and performance management, recruitment, onboarding, calibration, succession planning, compensation and other HR aspects. The results are seen in business excellence, increased customer satisfaction and retention, continuous learning and innovation, and a highly engaged team in a more productive and fun environment.

At the end of the Asia HR Summit’s morning sessions, Macareg joined her fellow executives in an open forum that discussed more ways to improve the HR function since it is critical not only to corporations but to the progress of nations’ economies.

The forward-looking Summit was organized by the Asia CEO Forum, the country’s largest networking organization for business people. SHORE also had a booth at the Summit that displayed the company’s mantra of being its customers’ partner on the cloud and on the ground. For more information, email

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