A Philippine call center agent’s inverted work day

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A Philippine call center agent’s inverted work day
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by SHORE Official
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Since the Philippines bacame the call center capital of the world, thousands of Filipinos have different lives from others who work the regular 9 am to 5 pm shift. A large majority of call center agents service clients whose time zones are different from the Philippines’, hence, they mirror their clients work days and often end up with an inverted work day. For example, those with U.S. clients, start their work day as most Filipinos are ending theirs. U.S. holidays, rather than Philippine ones, are observed.

While these call center agents earn more than workers of other industries, they have to adjust their body clocks to the “inverted” hours, sometimes causing health problems. On the plus side, the higher salaries allow call center agents to splurge on designer goods, the latest technological gadgets, and wants aside from necessities.. The Philippines is suited for call center work, especially from the U.S,. because Filipinos can adapt to American culture and accents.

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