Manila Bulletin interviews SHORE CEO: “This BPO is proudly Made in the Philippines”

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Manila Bulletin interviews SHORE CEO: “This BPO is proudly Made in the Philippines”
Shey Paurillo
by Shey Paurillo
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Darcy Lalonde-CEO-SHORE Solutions

Philippine broadsheet journalist Bernie Cahiles-Magkilat featured SHORE Solutions CEO Darcy Lalonde in a recently published business profile.

Lalonde spoke about his strong faith in the country and its people born from 15 years of living and working in the Philippines. In 2005, Lalonde and several individuals, Filipinos and foreigners, set up SHORE Solutions which is a business process outsourcing (BPO) company that offers a wide range of services – contact/call center, BPO, information technology (IT) and professional services – through many options of delivery models (comprehensive outsourcing, co-sourcing, facilities outsourcing and build-operate-transfer or BOT).

In the past, SHORE had been offering mostly call center services through the comprehensive outsourcing model, but has been moving into the higher value BPO and knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) services. SHORE’s success is reflected in its growing from a US$5 million company in 2012 to its current US$25 million value. With 25% growth year-on-year, Lalonde projects that SHORE’s current workforce of 2,000 will grow to 10,000 seats in a few years. On the other hand, SHORE’s below-industry 3% attrition rate may be attributed to its offering good salaries and a harmonious working environment.

Lalonde also offered his impressions about the BPO industry in general. He said that due to the industry’s tremendous growth opportunities, BPO companies have to find ways to bridge the skills gap. Many graduates with degrees in HRM and Tourism regularly flock to the industry looking for work. Graduates from other fields, such as engineering and IT, with good English language skills, should also be encouraged to consider jobs in BPO. With starting salaries as high as PHP25,000 per month, and mid-level managers earning between PHP70 to 100 thousand per month, working in the local BPO industry is a solid alternative to seeking jobs overseas.

Lalonde’s faith in the BPO industry and in the Philippines extends to his investing in other businesses here as well (for example, he has a boutique hotel “Kahuna” in La Union). Though a native from Canada, Lalonde has made the Philippines his home since 1999 because he enjoys the lifestyle and freedom here, and bonds well with Filipinos. Lalonde firmly believes that, like him, with hard work, Filipinos can advance, and be successful and prosperous.

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Source: Manila Bulletin

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