Lalonde loves living and doing business in the Philippines

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Lalonde loves living and doing business in the Philippines
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by SHORE Official
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SHORE Solutions managing director Darcy Lalonde’s past work has seen him settling in several countries through the years, but he feels “most at home” in the Philippines. Kim Bernardo-Lokin interviewed Lalonde and featured him in the February 10, 2014 issue of Manila Bulletin.

A native of Canada, Lalonde said that the felt like an expat in other Asian countries, but in the Philippines, he feels that he is part of the country due to Filipinos’ acceptance of foreigners. Lalonde is also a partner at SHORE, one of the country’s fastest growing outsourcing companies.

SHORE started in 2005 as a consulting business helping Australian companies outsource components of their business to the Philippines. Main proponent was Jonathan Smith, one of SHORE’s managing directors. Lalonde acknowledges Smith as the “godfather” of Australian businesses offshoring their contact center operations to the Philippines.

Smith and his partners wanted to take part in the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry’s immense growth in the Philippines, so they established SHORE as a contact center and BPO services provider. By May 2012, SHORE began to offer Information Technology (IT) services. In December 2012, SHORE acquired Rainmaker Asia Inc. (RAI), a leading provider of telesales, integrated marketing services, and hosted e-commerce services. It was at this point that Lalonde came in as part of the investors’ group, driven in part by his desire to not travel so much as he had done for 25 years.

SHORE expanded from 200 seats to its current 2000 seats in four locations, with customers from Australia, the U.S. and the Philippines. This led to SHORE’s nomination as “Fastest Growing IT-BPO Company of the Year” at the International ICT Awards in 2013. Lalonde says that SHORE customizes its solutions to their clients. What sets SHORE apart after strategic changes this year, is it allows clients to decide whether they prefer comprehensive or complete outsourcing, co-sourcing or facilities outsourcing.

Lalonde enjoys the country and the business environment in the Philippines as he thrives on working with good people and clients. Aside from building SHORE, Lalonde speaks in events such as the Asia CEO Forum, continues to manage his own investment portfolio as head of DML Holdings, and runs his own resort, Kahuna Resort and Spa in San Fernando, La Union. He said he wants to help the country’s tourism industry as well because as his abiding affection for the country: “I want to be able to stay as much as I can in the Philippines, that’s why I am looking at different ways of creating business here.”

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