Healthcare information management in the Philippines

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Healthcare information management in the Philippines
Shey Paurillo
by Shey Paurillo
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Business process outsourcing, the country’s sunrise industry, remains sturdy and the export of services in the Philippines is unlikely to be swayed.

HIMOAP or Health Information Management Outsourcing Association of the Philippines works hand in hand with BPAP (Business Processing Association of the Philippines) as primary association to promote the country as the leading destination for health information management services.

Established in 2003, the Medical Transcription Association of the Philippines have since added more services to medical transcription thus changing the organization’s name to HIMOAP. There are about 250 companies in the country doing healthcare information management and outsourcing work but not all of these companies are members of the organization.

In a recent interview, Dr. Penny Lauchangco, president of HIMOAP stated that the global market for healthcare BPO is estimated to reach more than $150 billion in 2015. Lauchangco added that European countries follow the United States closely as the leading source of this income.

“It is applying one’s medical expertise in establishing a systematic approach in healthcare services.  Jobs in HIMS are medically-oriented and that is exactly what we have in the Philippines that we need to tap,” Dr. Lauchangco said.

According to Dr. Lauchangco, healthcare information services require more high level work, may require workers to have some degree of medical background because they may be assigned with case management, may involve calling up patients, corresponding with medical doctors and following up insurance claims.

HIMOAP is still strengthening their partnership with the private sector and the government. Agencies such as Department of Science and Technology actively supports the HIMS industry through their ICTO (Information and Communications Technology Office. TESDA (Technical Education and Skills Development Authority) lodged a curriculum for medical transcription and a scholarship program for medical transcriptioners. Recently, TESDA came up with a more defined curriculum for medical coders and a specific outsourced service.


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