50,000 Australian jobs to be outsourced to the Philippines in 2014

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50,000 Australian jobs to be outsourced to the Philippines in 2014
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by SHORE Official
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Large Australian companies have been outsourcing jobs to Philippine providers since six years ago, and the bulk of these are Queensland jobs. Over the next ten years, a maximum of 280,000 jobs are expected to come from Queensland. Small and medium-sized firms are increasingly following the banks and telcos’ trend to offshore, not only to the Philippines, but also to India and China. These companies have realized huge savings possible from outsourcing.

Industry analysts say that over a million white-collar jobs will leave and never return to Australia. Among the functions being outsourced are admin, finance, bookkeeping, estimating, drafting, marketing, sales support, sales service, graphic design, and many IT functions.

Many buildings are sprouting in the Philippines to accommodate the expected growth of the outsourcing business. Some Australian entrepreneurs even arrange very popular tours for businesses that want to explore the potentials of outsourcing to the Philippines.

While some think Australians are losing jobs to foreign outsourcing providers, other Australian CEOs have a different take on the situation. Others believe that outsourcing time-consuming jobs frees up the Australian staff to focus on and offer value-added services to clients. Hence, the business grows, necessitating the hiring of even more employees.

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