Finance and accounting

Finance and accounting
Our accountants handle financial tasks, including accounts payable and receivable.

Our F&A staff are English-speaking university graduates who are very experienced and exposed to international accounting standards. The most common services offered are accounts payable and accounts receivable which can be completely customized to clients’ needs.

  • Our services are applicable across all industries and businesses. We can use clients’ existing accounting/invoice processing software, if required.
  • The spectrum of F&A processes includes payroll processing, staff expense claims, bookkeeping, bank reconciliation, financial reporting, tax compliance, audit services and many more.
Outsourcing models
SHORE is one of the only outsourcers to offer innovative delivery models that give clients the flexibility to select their level of involvement – from options to setting up your business to full outsourced management of some or all project components. For all models, you can enjoy reduced costs and increased operational flexibility.
We provide operations management, quality assurance, technology systems and shared support services.
We provide staff, assets and support while you control your team's activities and manage performance output.
We offer a straightforward seat leasing model with a variety of customized service options.
We set up your contact center operations and transfer ownership to you within an agreed time frame.
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