Comprehensive Outsourcing

Comprehensive Outsourcing

Our Comprehensive Outsourcing model offers traditional fully managed solutions at a low cost and with flexible terms. We design and establish contact center, BPO and IT delivery operations in the Philippines with an offering that blends cost efficiencies, flexibility and high value. Take advantage of results-driven outsourcing with our lowest rate of
US$7.90 per hour, per employee.*

Components of our model
With our flexible comprehensive model, SHORE provides complete solution delivery including:


Dedicated work areas and office equipment; standard PC with Windows provided; a choice between using your own system or using SHORE’s flagship contact center system, SHORE Connect;a choice to use your own CRM or SHORE’s standard CRM.


Full-time Customer Service and Sales agents employed by SHORE to fulfill your business requirements at a low hourly rate of US$7.90.*

Operations management

Dedicated management support to drive performance for as low as US$8.90 per Team Manager (for every 12 agents or part thereof).*

Shared support services

Resources from our shared pool of trainers, quality specialists and reports analysts at a low hourly rate.

Flexible commercial engagements

Easy start-up for campaigns—no set-up fee required. Lowest risk, highest benefit arrangements with great flexibility in contract terms.

Our extensive scope of outsourcing services leverages our access to a very large and highly skilled talent pool in the contact center, BPO and IT service areas. We excel in and offer three major service areas that have benefited clients from a variety of industries, including telco, technology, healthcare, energy, retail, food and beverage, financial services.
Contact Center Services
We collaborate closely with you to craft a campaign that promotes your brand, increases revenues and customer satisfaction.
BPO Services
We offer a wide array of non-voice capabilities to enable you to focus on your core business and reduce operational costs.
IT and Professional Services
We deliver high touch, high focus technology solutions to enable business efficiencies and deliver quality results.
Quick start to turnkey outsourcing solutions
We collaborate with clients to quickly address their needs and they don’t worry about capital expenditure (capex). We provide turnkey infrastructure and connectivity using SHORE Connect, our flagship contact center system.
Operational excellence
We define the business goals and performance metrics for each campaign and achieve results by employing the right mix of resources, tools and processes. We provide expert operations management and quality assurance to ensure high productivity, client and end customer satisfaction.
Management experience and involvement
We have a solid track record as strong partners to many satisfied and successful clients worldwide. Our senior management team is directly involved with clients and we are proud of this level of engagement and interaction.
“SHORE Solutions did not just radically improve our business processes and increase IndiaLD’s subscriber base, but they also continuously develop more effective processes and suggest new opportunities.”
– Dave Schofield President, Ultra Mobile and Hometown Telecom
Dedicated work area, utilities, hardware & software, internet connectivity
Dedicated Filipino staff, employment compensation and benefits
Operations management
Management support and quality assurance of day-to-day operations
Shared support services
Recruitment, HR/Payroll, finance, legal, facilities
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*This rate only applies to clients in the US. Terms and conditions apply.

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