Manufacturing and logistics

Manufacturing and logistics
We offer a myriad of business solutions such as back office services and operations management.

The manufacturing and logistics industries are related industries in that products from manufacturers of electronics, durable appliances and others require supply chain solutions – the logistics side – to distribute these products. SHORE has customer management solutions for these fast-moving and competitive industries.

SHORE provides a plethora of services to our clients: back office services, day-to-day operations (order tracking, inventory management, coverage/shortage/damage issues and customer service), email support, customer service for inquiries, warranty referrals, customer satisfaction and survey activities, and many more.

Outsourcing models
SHORE is one of the only outsourcers to offer innovative delivery models that give clients the flexibility to select their level of involvement – from options to setting up your business to full outsourced management of some or all project components. For all models, you can enjoy reduced costs and increased operational flexibility.
We provide operations management, quality assurance, technology systems and shared support services.
We provide staff, assets and support while you control your team's activities and manage performance output.
We offer a straightforward seat leasing model with a variety of customized service options.
We set up your contact center operations and transfer ownership to you within an agreed time frame.
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