Banking and finance

Banking and finance
We have a deep knowledge of the banking and finance industries with focus on customer service and security.

SHORE’s experience in the banking and financial services is deep. We have several local and international banks, insurance and credit card companies among our clients. Security, trust and excellent customer service are very important in this industry. We deliver all these with our specialists having in-depth knowledge about the products they are handling, be it the gamut of insurance services to regulations for debt collection.

Among the customized services we offer are lead generation; telemarketing; customer acquisition, care and retention; market research; credit verification and collections; processing and delivery of policies and cards; application processing, and many more.

Outsourcing models
SHORE is one of the only outsourcers to offer innovative delivery models that give clients the flexibility to select their level of involvement – from options to setting up your business to full outsourced management of some or all project components. For all models, you can enjoy reduced costs and increased operational flexibility.
We provide operations management, quality assurance, technology systems and shared support services.
We provide staff, assets and support while you control your team's activities and manage performance output.
We offer a straightforward seat leasing model with a variety of customized service options.
We set up your contact center operations and transfer ownership to you within an agreed time frame.
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