SHORE has clients from almost all major industries across the globe. We have experience and understanding of your business and customers in a multitude of sectors. With our broad client base, it is likely we have delivered customer management and care solutions in your industry.
We have a deep knowledge of the banking and finance industries with focus on customer service and security.
We offer other BPO providers our stellar outsourcing services such as our Facilities Outsourcing model.
We manage customer relationships and sell services within the worldwide energies and utilities industry.
We deliver customer services such as order taking and feedback response for the food industry.
We provide stellar English-speaking specialists and superior telecommunications systems for the healthcare industry.
We offer a myriad of business solutions such as back office services and operations management.
We handle customer relations, acquisition and retention within the fiercely competitive media and entertainment industry.
We provide solutions for online retail such as sales, card services, back office support and many more.
We specialize in outsourcing solutions for the technology and IT industries with a focus on solid and testing.
We bring expert customer management to increase customer numbers to our clients in the teleco industry.

Dynamic outsourcing. Exceptional outcomes.