At SHORE, we make employee welfare a priority. Our collaborative work environment, family atmosphere and career development options enable the employees at SHORE to be part of a winning team.
Our people
Our people are highly skilled, experienced and motivated individuals, with a solid background in the industry and proficiency in dealing with customers fromdiverse backgrounds. We are customer-centric and take a strong collaborative approach to our campaigns, focusing on customer requirements and key business outcomes. This personalized approach fosters customer loyalty, retention, interaction and long-term engagement. At SHORE, we promote a corporate culture that provides:
  • A climate of trust and cooperation
  • An inspiring work environment that encourages collaboration and productivity
  • A system of incentives, recognition and rewards
  • Great opportunities for career growth and training programs
But we can say all we want about our company, so why not hear about us from our satisfied employees? Find out first-hand what our employees say about working with SHORE.
Working with SHORE
  • Vincent Lim
    Senior Account Supervisor

    Vince has worked his way up to his current position through nine years of exemplary work. His loyalty to Rainmaker and, now, SHORE is laudable as this has been his first and only job since he graduated from college. And why has he stayed loyal? Let him count the ways: “I keep learning from the leaders/mentors that have taught me how to look at things the way I see them now.” He notes that he is encouraged by “the openness of my direct superior and even my GM in showing me how to manage and handle pressing times at work with so much grace as if everything is easily doable.” He’s thankful for “the appreciation that I (easily) get from my bosses in everything I do that keeps inspiring me to work at my best all the time.” Vince identifies what has kept him happy these past nine years: “More than just compensation, being happy with what you do at work is a key ingredient to success. I have been happy…mainly because of the people that I work with and for.

  • Melody V. Matias
    Quality Supervisor

    Melody has been in SHORE’s Training and Quality Assurance department in Greenfield since the Rainmaker acquisition as she has spent the bulk of her seven years in the industry with Rainmaker. This soon, she is expressive about her satisfaction with SHORE’s salary and benefits including the fact that “we always receive an annual raise…salary has never been late”. She is very happy with the work environment and is impressed with SHORE: “I found a family here, awesome boss, great colleagues and nice people to work with…our demands are heard,” and “the company looks into what we need and they really take care of us. What I like most is that they value and empower their employees.” She sees that SHORE rewards dedication and hard work: “As long as you’re doing your job, you will have opportunities for career growth.” She’s so satisfied with SHORE that she has even recommended SHORE to her friends and was recognized for this by recently winning an employee recruitment program (ERP) award.

  • Ron Mark Angeles
    Training Executive

    Ron has been working in SHORE’s Training and Quality department in BGC for over two years. He was awarded Ace of the Quarter for TQA during Q4 2012. His dedication to his job flows from his belief that “for day shift work in a call center, the compensation and benefits are off the charts and at the top of the market.” But much more than that, he deeply appreciates that despite the diversity of the people in the company, “when it comes to targets, goals, and achievements, we are one big harmonious team/family.”

    He says that SHORE’s managers and directors very readily share their best practices to enable every employee to be and “do better than you are…when they see potential, they harness it and pull it out of you.” He firmly believes that “potential is in all of us”, and SHORE can take employees places because “The next big thing is us!”

SHORE advantage
SHORE offers one of industry’s most comprehensive benefits and remuneration package, including (but not limited to):
  • Above-average basic salary
  • Non-taxable allowance
  • Paid time off (PTO)
  • Medical/health plan
  • Life insurance
  • Night differential
  • Overtime pay
  • Transportation allowance
  • Medical insurance
Extras like account-driven incentives (e.g. language allowance, performance incentive allowance, employee referral incentives) are also provided.
Why work with us
Above-average compensation and benefits package
SHORE offers above-average remuneration packages. We offer very competitive salaries and provide one of the industry’s most comprehensive benefits package. We also have regular allowances, bonuses and flexible benefits options.
Positive and collaborative work environment
We foster a culture of teamwork among executives, managers and subordinates. We prioritize our employee welfare’s at all times. We afford our people a work-life balance and offer deserving employees rewards and recognition.
A promising career in a fast-growing company
The best career paths start from SHORE! With our promote-from-within philosophy and your talent andambition to succeed, we can help you reach new career heights. SHORE has many career opportunities due to the wide range of services we offer. We look after our employees’ career growth and provide training programs that equip them with the tools to be potential leaders in the company and in the industry.
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