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What is online marketing?

Ever since the web opened up to the world, businesses have had to stretch their marketing campaigns to include online marketing, in addition to the traditional offline marketing, to sell their goods and services. Online marketing is also referred to as Internet...

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Forum moderation

The Internet forum or message board has become a popular channel for contributors--also known as members—to express or share ideas and sentiments. There are countless topics and subtopics in online forums, and these also serve a wide variety of objectives. In some...

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Live chat support is becoming a favorite option

With the increase of users venturing into online shopping, many companies selling goods and services have incorporated live chat support into their websites. Live chat support is a web-based service that allows users to chat or message with a company’s representative...

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Web design services

To survive in a highly competitive and crowded arena, a company must have a well-designed website that searchers will want to peruse and go through. In the past, when print, TV and radio advertisements were the primary means to reach potential customers,...

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Introduction to app marketing

Ever since people wanted consumers to know about and buy their products or services, they would resort to marketing. Traditional marketing would involve advertising through various 'old school' media, billboards, direct marketing, events and many other marketing and...

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