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Advantages of software development outsourcing

Some form of software development has been outsourced as early as the 1990s. This was during the dot-com period in the United States when many high-tech, usually Internet-related, companies were founded and flourished. The march of information technology (IT)...

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Knowledge process outsourcing in the Philippines

While the Philippines boasts of being at the top in call center or voice services outsourcing, it still has to overtake long-time leader India in knowledge process outsourcing (KPO). KPO now makes up 40% of the country’s business process outsourcing (BPO) industry,...

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What is sales and telemarketing outsourcing?

For every sales effort, companies have to find ways to increase their feet on the street, whether literally or figuratively. Businesses need a sales force plugging away to sell the range of products and services. Sales is almost always a company’s lifeblood, so...

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Data entry outsourcing and its advantages

Most companies in most industries have data entry requirements. In fact, many areas of corporate operations have data entry components. Because data entry is widely needed, yet time-consuming, it is one of businesses’ most outsourced functions. What is data entry...

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