Facilities Outsourcing

Facilities Outsourcing

One of the key components of a successful business is the establishment of a stable and clear facilities management strategy. We can address this with a straightforward and flexible seat leasing model with per-seat pricing. We also provide a full range of Facilities Outsourcing services – from design and build, shared support services and full turnkey solutions.

Components of our model

With the Facilities Outsourcing model, SHORE provides basic seat leasing — clients may add on options for facilities customization and managed services:

Dedicated work area

  • Workstation (varies depending on availability, type of building and time of actual lease
  • Common areas

Customized fit-out and build

  • Design - Layout planning, interior design, provision of architectural, electrical, mechanical plans
  • Permits - Procurement and lodgment of building and government permits
  • Build - Build-out and provision of practical components (e.g. management rooms, workspace, server room, bathroom, etc.)
  • Turnover - Transition to client and facility management for ongoing support
Our extensive scope of outsourcing services leverages our access to a very large and highly skilled talent pool in the contact center, BPO and IT service areas. We excel in and offer three major service areas that have benefited clients from a variety of industries, including telco, technology, healthcare, energy, retail, food and beverage, financial services.
Contact Center Services
We collaborate closely with you to craft a campaign that promotes your brand, increases revenues and customer satisfaction.
BPO Services
We offer a wide array of non-voice capabilities to enable you to focus on your core business and reduce operational costs.
IT and Professional Services
We deliver high touch, high focus technology solutions to enable business efficiencies and deliver quality results.
Immediate access to world-class facilities
We provide clients with a dedicated work area that is modern, secure, centrally located and equipped with complete amenities and a steady supply of electricity, water, telecommunications and other utilities.
Leverage of SHORE’s expertise and efficiency
We have experts who can easily execute lay-out plans, interior design, architectural plans and ensure a client’s space is complete with all the practical components their business needs.
Ability to select level of operational involvement
We provide a broad menu of additional services covering network and IT, shared support and strategic services so clients can select their level of control and management.
Dedicated work area, utilities, hardware & software, internet connectivity
Dedicated Filipino staff, employment compensation and benefits
Operations management
Management support and quality assurance of day-to-day operations
Shared support services
Recruitment, HR/Payroll, finance, legal, facilities
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