SHORE CEO is panelist at SAP® HR Connect conference in Sydney, Australia

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SHORE CEO is panelist at SAP® HR Connect conference in Sydney, Australia
by SHORE Admin
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The latest in a series of the visionary SAP® HR Connect conferences will be held from September 17 to 18 at the Westin, Sydney, Australia. This event features presentations on the important issues that determine a company’s global competitiveness through effective Human Resources (HR).

At the center of the two-day event is the superior cloud technology of SAP-SuccessFactors Human Capital Management (HCM) suite. Among the topics to be discussed are cloud solutions and strategies on attracting and engaging the top workforce talent, reaping benefits from cloud applications and their integration with existing systems, exceeding business objectives with the right cloud strategy, best practices, learning development and management, and many more.

Current SAP-SuccessFactors customers represent the gamut of industries: business process outsourcing (BPO), finance, insurance and banking, telecommunications, healthcare, utilities, mining, aviation, manufacturing and logistics, and over 60 other industries.

Notable conference speakers include SAP’s global executives such as Mike Ettling, Global Head of Cloud and On Premise HR and Aaron Au, Co-founder of SuccessFactors and Chief Technical Officer, SAP; prominent academics such as Prof. Ian Williamson, Associate Dean of International Relations, Melbourne Business School and Michael Zielenziger, Managing Editor / Thought Leadership, Oxford Economics; and executives from prominent firms that use SAP-SuccessFactors. Darcy Lalonde, SHORE Solutions’ CEO, will be a panelist at the conference’s Talent Acquisition session. SHORE, one of the fast-growing outsourcing companies in the Philippines, has successfully adopted SAP-SuccessFactors in its operations, and is also the leading cloud-based software’s partner in the Philippines.

Expected to attend the ground-breaking conference are C-level, senior and HR executives, and business managers and analysts.

Firms that are looking to improve their business execution, outperform competitors, and achieve excellent results through world-class technology should attend this conference.


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