PH call center industry’s requirements to change in future

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PH call center industry’s requirements to change in future
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by SHORE Official
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The Philippines has to adjust to maintain its current status as the leading voice outsourcing provider, and to overtake India to be tops as well in the non-voice segment. The country’s BPO executives gathered for the maiden episode of “BPO Talks”, an online show accessible for viewing in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Eastern Europe and Central Asia countries.

Call Center Association of the Philippines executive director Jojo Uligan says the country’s BPO agents need to adjust to clients’ increased and changing requirements, including greater technical expertise and fluency in other foreign languages. Unlike a decade ago, the industry’s inbound and outbound calls now have more complex requirements, and because Filipino agents are appreciated for their English proficiency, clients have been asking that the call center skills and care be communicated through other languages.

In the same show, Noda Interaction Platforms’ country manager Slava Varlamov said small and medium contact centers can benefit from more advanced technology that enable agents to handle several processes simultaneously, such as voice calls, billing, and other customer applications and communication media.

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