Local BPO industry to employ 1.3 M direct employees by 2016

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Local BPO industry to employ 1.3 M direct employees by 2016
SHORE Official
by SHORE Official
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The local information technology and business process outsourcing (IT-BPO) industry has been growing and will continue to grow exponentially in the coming years. Last year, it generated 900,000 jobs and 15.5 billion dollars in revenue. Growth projections by the end of 2016 are direct employment of 1.3 million and 25 billion dollars in revenue.

The government recognizes the IT-BPO industry as one of the country’s pillars of growth with the industry needing many new employees to sustain the expansion. Career opportunities are not limited to call center positions or jobs for technology-savvy people, as the industry has ample jobs in non-voice BPO in fields such as games development, animation and even health management where nurses can be tapped.

Government is also working with the academe to ensure a steady supply of graduates whose skills do not have to be augmented by extensive training upon employment. A huge advantage of the industry is that due to the great demand for employees for a wide range of skills, Filipinos may opt to stay home and work in the Philippines instead of abroad. Moreover, the compensation and benefits packages of the industry are above-average, with a lot of room for performance-related promotions.

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